Health & Safety Policy

Mighty Cleaning Group accept responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of its employees and others that may be affected by its activities whilst on any clients premises.

Mighty Cleaning Comply with all Governmental legislation, appropriate Codes of Practice and Health and Safety Regulations along with any Guidance Notes that form part of the necessary standards of health and safety concerning any of our employees or public individuals on site.

We shall obtain where necessary, expert and professional advice from our Health and Safety Advisor to detect the risks to health and safety arising from the Company’s duties and the most appropriate risk control systems and work place precautions to aid in preventing risk or harm to any of our employees or public bodies in our place of work.

The Company Will:

Ensure a systematic approach to the evaluation of risks and hazards and to manage allocation of resources to control or reduce them.

Implement and maintain risk control systems and workplace precautions that meet or exceed statutory obligations including the provision and up keeping of any equipment that is safe to use onsite by a trained service user.

Ensure that its management set an example in safe working practices and behaviour and effectively supervises its employees and manage there surroundings.

Mighty Cleaning services provide its employees with the correct protective safety devices and equipment available and to provide the necessary instruction,and training information along with the supervision in their safe use.

Regular briefings with employees on health and safety matters, in particular with individual employees before making them responsible for health and safety each signing to there own responsibilities and training received by a member of the partnership team.

Provide all relevant information and instruction and necessary training to its employees, in respect of risks to their own personal health and safety which may arise out of their work activities, or at their place of work.

Keep a constant interest in health and safety issues that are applicable to the Company’s activities and more can be found from our direct site link to the HSE website found on our notice board.

Employees Also Have A Legal Duty To Co-Operate In These Objectives By:

Working safely and efficiently with appropriate consideration for others around them.

Following the Company safety arrangements and policies and procedures.

Reporting all situations,incidents or accidents that have led or may lead to any serious injury or damage to a individual. Mighty Cleaning Group will continually review and update this document, at least every 12 months.

Using both work and protective equipment in guidance with the information, instruction and training they receive.

The Company will continually review and update in line with guidelines provided by the HSE.